Monday, September 17, 2012

Food sucks...

What they say about every pregnancy being different is so far very accurate! With my son, I was tossing my cookies all day every day up until 16 weeks when it magically vanished and I could eat! I craved anything sweet I could get my hands on and even though I lost 8 pounds in the first tri, I gained it back and then some for a whopping 35 lb. gain overall. Some of which I still have hanging around unfortunately (ok, maybe that's not a good excuse anymore considering my son is 7!). This time around, I'm just constantly feeling yucky. No food sounds appetizing ever. Especially not sugar. Maybe this one will turn out different and I will crave healthy food, wouldn't that be a miracle! But I know that right now it's all the nausea's fault. Who knows what will be good when it disappears (hoping it does!). I never thought I would appreciate nausea. But every time I think of food and feel the urge to gag, I rejoice a little bit knowing that I'm still pregnant and all seems to be ok despite my insane anxiety! But, it's not easy. Waking up every morning knowing I will have to find  something to shove down my gullet is so annoying. And I can never eat the same thing twice, with the exception of chicken pot pie, which has become one of my "safe" foods when I can think of nothing else to eat. But as for everything else, even after one serving of it I cannot possibly bring myself to touch it again. Even if I think I want a second helping, nope, my gut says no way you will regret it! And I'm learning to listen! So my most memorable thing about this first trimester is food sucks! All of it. But I know it's necessary and when I manage to choke down something fairly bland, it seems to help the nausea for a little while. But the inevitable heartburn rears its ugly head after every meal and even in the middle of the night. It's miserable! Yep, I'm whining and I know it. Ever had heartburn so bad your ears hurt? Yeah, painful stuff. So far I've tried Tums and Maalox, both of which are short term fixes and don't do much. Tomorrow I will try Prevacid (my doc suggested so I know it's safe) and see if that helps. If only I knew when all this nausea would go away! I'd be counting down the days! Oh well, if that's the worst of what I have to deal with for now then I must be doing pretty well. Thank You God for this blessing of life even though I feel like roadkill right now! ;-)

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