Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Just Finished what?

After discussing, at length, how we might go about this whole ordeal of getting pregnant with PCOS, we decided to try Clomid. For those of you not familiar with Clomid, it is strictly an ovulation inducing drug. Docs prescribe it for PCOSers after they've determined ovulation is not occurring naturally or is very weak. The chance of twins increases to 10% since it may cause more than one follicle to mature and be released. Twins would be neat, but I sure hope I'm not in that 10%. My poor back will have enough trouble just carrying one, 2 would probably be too much!

My first treatment was Beyaz for three months, which ended up causing me to bleed for the entire 3rd month I was on it (because the estrogen in the pill was too low). After abandoning my hormone doctor, who I thought had all the answers, I went back to my trusty OBGYN. I never should have went elsewhere in the first place. We ended up back at square one :-( ....waiting to seeif  I ovulated, waiting to see if I would start my next period on my own.. all that mess, AGAIN. So, after 1 month of thinking for sure I ovulated and got pregnant, of course it wasn't that easy! The lady that ordered my labs ordered the wrong progesterone test so we have no idea if I ovulated that month. Month 2, progesterone on cd21 was 7.8. My doc said this indicated I did actually ovulate (woohoo!) but that level was too low to support pregnancy. If indeed the perfect storm did occur, I would need progesterone supplements asap to make sure I didn't lose it.

Well, turns out old AF (Aunt Flo) showed up right on time anyway, which was good (at least my internal clock is working maybe?) but bad, no baby! So here we are, starting clomid on this cycle, days 5-9. I read all the horror stories...insane hot flashes, deadly mood swings, crying for no reason, and the list goes on. Well guess what, I didn't experience any of that! Whew! feel like I dodged  bullet! lol I took the last one 2 days ago which makes this cd11. I am almost positive I ovulated on cd11 last month (according to all the signs) but my periods have been only 2 days long so I'm wondering if my lining is too thin? Guess we will see what comes of it this month. The problem is, my hubs just started working out of town last month, making scheduling pretty complicated. I'm hoping I ovulate by this Friday instead of late. I've heard that clomid can cause some women to ovulate later than usual :-( But only time will tell!  If we happen to be successful this month, I would be due right around the time my son was due. My oldest stepdaughter's bday is the day after Christmas and all the rest of em fall between Sept and Nov (including my husband's!). Which makes for a very expensive 4 months right before Christmas! Oh well, I will be too happy about a new baby to worry how much stress adding one more birthday to the December list will be!    

Keeping the faith and if not this month, we will try again next.

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