Sunday, April 1, 2012

CD 15...2 DPO???

It's CD 15 and I am so confused right now! First of all, DH left for work Friday morning so the night before was our last chance to bd for the week (he comes home next Friday morning). Last month, I O'd on CD11 so I was sorta expecting the same this month. Well, as I mentioned before, I took Clomid on days 5-9. I don't know if Clomid makes ovulation come later or not but I know I did not O on CD 11 but I was pretty sure I did on CD 13, which was Friday. The reason being, I took one of those Target brand OPK tests and Thurs it was very clearly negative...but Friday morning I took another and the line was darker. Not as dark as the control line but much darker than it had ever been. So I kept checking, 2 more times that day and then again Saturday morning and night. By Sat night, the lines were getting fainter. So, I'm assuming I O'd on Friday or they would still be getting darker? I really felt like I O'd on Friday, I was crampy and just felt off. Fri evening, I had some very strong cramps in my ovaries, mostly on the right side. So....I dunno. I'm gonna do another OPK in the morning and see if anything shows up. Not that it will matter since DH is out of town..ugh...but at least I will know one way or the other if the surge has passed or not. And I will just continue to check throughout the week until I know for sure O has passed or if it will be late.

Anyone else have this sorta trouble? I know last month, even without Clomid, I ovulated on my own. I don't think it was a very good O but my progesterone test on CD 21 said I did O. So, I'm wondering, since Clomid is said to cause a "super" ovulation, why wouldn't I get a very definitive answer on the OPKs?? Well I'm officially frustrated with it now and wish my DH was home so bad because then it wouldn't matter, we'd not miss it even if it did come later. If I didn't O on CD 13, this month may be out for us unless I end up O'ing the day before or the day he comes home. I really wish his job did not send him out of town like they've done. He's been near home working (he's a gas rig worker btw) for like the last 6 months, then the month we start actively trying to conceive, they send him off! :-(

Sorry to vent but I hope you all understand. This TTC journey is not an easy road for those of us with crazy stuff like PCOS. And I can also sympathize with military wives, I bet they have such a hard time when TTC with deployments and all. Any of you ladies out there fighting this battle, I'm here for ya and I understand!! So if you need to vent too, go for it! :-) Well I'm off for the night. Maybe tomorrow will be a better day! God Bless!

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