Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A New Year & 3 months left!

Happy New Year! Hope everyone is safe and healthy and happy! It's hard to believe we are in 2013 and of course lived through the end of the world again! (ha!) It's hard to be very optimistic about this year. Well, with our little one coming we are so thrilled and looking forward to his arrival but I can't help but think about the world he is coming into. With the "fiscal cliff" looming and all the mess that is going on in Washington, it seems that we aren't in Kansas anymore ToTo. Things have changed drastically for our country and I fear for our freedom and the future that our little ones will have to be burdened with. Nonetheless, God says "Do not worry about tomorrow, for today has enough trouble of it's own". It's hard to stick to that verse since worry seems to be my constant companion but I must try. I know that no matter what I face, God will get me through it. I just hope I can instill that same security into my children and pray that they will turn to God in their times of need.

Well on a brighter note, we are now approaching week 26! In just 3 months, we will meet our little guy! Technically it's 14 weeks but I like to round down lol. I think right now he is somewhere around 2 lbs. (according to my iphone app) and 14 in (i think?). He sure feels alot bigger. His kicks and rolls are getting stronger and we can now see him moving from the outside, yay! It's so neat to watch and to know that there is a real person in there! These next 3 months are going to drag by I'm sure!

Most of my symptoms are minor now. Nausea is gone, heartburn hanging on somewhat, fatigue minor. Well, with the exception of Monday and yesterday, I was so tired and could not get motivated to do much of anything and that was not fun. I feel better today but still a little worn down. The holidays have just zapped me I guess. Time to get back into the swing of things! I'm having some Braxton Hicks pretty frequently which is very different from my first pregnancy. They actually hurt! I had an epidural pretty early with my first son so I didn't feel many contractions before I went numb but I do recall what they felt like and these BH feel very similar. I usually get 2 or 3 in a 30 minute period and they last about 15 seconds or so. But since that's the most I've had in a time span I don't usually worry about it. Let's see, what else...oh, swelling! My gosh do my feet swell! Another very new thing for me since I had zero swelling with my first one. At the end of the day (especially if I've worn socks) my ankles look like the Michelan man. It's so weird how every pregnancy is so different!

Arthritis is doing great I'm happy to report. My toes are still not 100% normal sized but the pain is minimal and I don't notice it much. They aren't extremely stiff either. Really hoping it all stays quiet at least until he gets here. And also really hoping I get to breastfeed for a few weeks at least. My rheumatologist says I will need to go back on meds immediately after delivery and won't be able to breastfeed but I'm thinking I will just bear with the flare-up however bad it is as long as I get to breastfeed for a while. I did with my son but not very much. My production was awful and I was only able to pump very little and he had latching trouble so I just pumped as much as possible and gave it to him that way. I hope this time we can make it work since I know more about it now. When my first was born, there was no one there to coach me (besides my mom) and I didn't know anything about keeping production up or anything. I just assumed my production level was nature's fault and not my own when it was probably because I didn't pump nearly enough (it's so painful!). And I had mastitis which is soo awful and painful! Hope I don't go through that again!

Well I guess that's all I got for now. Time to go work and attempt to stay awake!

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