Wednesday, December 26, 2012

24 weeks & Glucose test

Hope everyone had a blessed Christmas! Ours was great, stormy but still great! Totally pigged out since it may have been my last day to eat any sugar lol. Getting my glucose test this morning since the baby is 2 weeks ahead in size. Got done with the awful orange drink at 9:25 and just waiting on the finger prick now. Praying I don't have it! I'm terrible at not eating stuff I'm not supposed to lol. I have zero willpower anyway but now it's worse! I will update when I get the results.

**Update** No GD! Woohoo! They actually said my sugar was extremely low which I usually do have due to the PCOS (high insulin, low glucose) but I guess that's ok right now because my ovaries are not needing to produce any testosterone which would raise insulin? I don't know how that works but my perinatal doc said I didn't need to worry about high insulin during pregnancy. So I won't I guess!

I am so super glad the holiday season is almost done. I love Christmas more than any holiday but it's become so commercialized (yes I know everyone says that but it's true!) and it takes some of the joy out of it. And if I heard "Happy Holidays" one more time I was gonna blow lol. All the insane traffic and kids begging for this toy or that while there are kids all over the world that don't get anything, that would be glad to receive a piece of bread or a warm place to sleep. It's very difficult to get that across to kids in today's industrialized and commercialized world of "it's all about me". At least here in the US it is. I try very hard to teach my little boy and my stepkids that they need to understand the season is not about the gifts, it's about the birth of our Lord and Savior and what He did to save us. That we would not be as blessed and comfortable as we are without that event and without His blessings. But I don't know if they quite grasp it yet. Not when the only thing on our 16 year old's mind is a pair of $200 headphones (good grief...) and my 8 year old is watching every commercial and asking for every toy he sees and expecting to get it. I get so discouraged sometimes! But I'll keep on doing my best to teach them about being grateful and sharing our blessings with those that are less fortunate and sharing Christ above all.

So anyway, here we are approaching the dawn of a yet another New Year and I have to say I am so thankful and so blessed and looking forward to our little boy's arrival in April. While the country reels from the tragedy of those poor babies losing their lives and argues about gun control and all that, I think it's time to just let go and let God take first place. He knows what's to come for our country and our world and the best thing we can do is pray and listen for that still small voice to guide us in the coming months and years. God Bless ya'll and I hope everyone has a great week and stays safe on New Year's eve! :-)


  1. Congrats on passing the GD test! My doctor still has not mentioned this to me yet. I am wondering if they will give it to me at my next appointment?? Glad to hear everything is going well with you!

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