Friday, March 22, 2013

1 week 4 days to go!

I can't believe I am less than 2 weeks from delivery, WOW! And not only that but this little (or big!) guy is literally as big or bigger than an average full term baby at only 36 weeks! He weighs 8 lbs 4 oz according to the perinatologist on Tuesday of this week. Like OMG! My first son was 7 lb 14 oz at birth and he was born at 39 1/2 weeks! So I am officially bigger with this one now than I was with him at full term. Geez! And boy does my poor pelvis and back feel it! Moving around is getting really difficult, rolling over at night requires an act of Congress, forget bending over to pick something up OR to even put on a shoe...and talk about active! My entire body seems to shift when he rolls over! So funny and so weird to watch!

We are just beside ourselves with excitement now and I feel like there's no way I will get everything done on time. My OCD nesting is at an all time high but I can't do much at one time because I just wear out and my legs and back give out after about 30 minutes of cleaning. So frustrating...
We are installing new carpet in all 3 bedrooms (great timing huh?) and I am chomping at the bit to get it done. With hubs only home every other week it's very difficult to schedule such a task. We are having it installed by the store we bought it from but getting their schedule to work with ours is not easy. Hoping we can get it done before bubs comes home but it's not looking likely right now. Really wanted to avoid all the new carpet "fumes" and debris floating in the air! Not sure what we're gonna do....

But we are, hurry up and wait. Seems like the last week always drags by no matter what. Hubs is out of town for work this week so that makes it even longer but we at least have something amazing to look forward to when he comes home. All our kiddo's are just beside themselves and I'm so very glad they are looking forward to his arrival and not dreading having yet another sibling to deal with lol. At least I know Cayden isn't for sure since he is practically an "only child" most of the time since the others don't live with us. But he is definitely seeming to hone in on the fact that he won't be the baby anymore. It's hard and some days I just cry thinking about it and when he has a bad day at school I feel so guilty for some reason. Like I'm not doing enough to let him know he is still my baby and always will be. So just praying that all goes smoothly on that front. As well as delivery. Having a scheduled C-section is new territory for me and I'm a little freaked out but I know God's taking care of us and all should be well. Just not looking forward to the recovery but I guess the upside is I will get 2 extra weeks home with my new snugglebunny. Yay!

Hope everyone is doing great, I know I'm following a few ladies that are due close to the same time. Keeping you all in my prayers! :-)

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