Thursday, March 7, 2013

Delivering 38 weeks!

So we saw my perinatologist yesterday and I asked the big question that no one has brought up yet: "When can I deliver?" His very quick response was "You need to be pregnant for 27 more days so I recommend delivery at 38 weeks". WOW! All this time I've assumed he would be a week early just so we made sure my husband was off of work (in the oil field, there's no such thing as vacation, sick days, or paternity leave) which we originally thought would be the week of April 8th. Well, I popped out of bed yesterday morning and the first thing to cross my mind was OH NO! I got his days off all mixed up! So he will be off the first week of April and not the second week which really got us to worrying since we have not been sure what the docs wanted to do about delivering early due to the baby's hugeness. And boy does he feel huge! At our last appointment he was 6 lb at nearly 33 weeks and he has consistently gained half a pound a week for the last 2 months it seems. For some reason they did not measure him yesterday so we don't know how much he weighs right now but I would bet close to 7 lbs. My first son was 7 lb 14 oz when he was born at 40 weeks....yeah, huge difference and absolutely NO explanation for it! I am 6' tall and my husband is 5'11" so we are both fairly big people and it may just be a genetics thing. My husband's aunt had 4 babies, her smallest was 10 lbs and the largest was 14 lbs (Holy Cow!!) and she had them all naturally...ouch! And she is only 5'2". Craziness... So I dunno, all of my husbands kids have been under 9 lbs at birth so I don't necesarily think it's his genes so probably mine. My mom and her sister were both over 9 at birth. But regardless, here we are with monster kid but he is healthy and active so I'm not too worried. Some kids are just big!

So, April 2 is the BIG DAY for right now. I thought it might be super neat to have him on April 1st and make it a great April Fool's prank to tell the family that instead of the huge boy we were expecting, it's a girl lol. Only because every person in my family (with the exception of my mom) was so sure this would be a girl  so they'd get a good kick out of that. But we are pretty sure it will be the 2nd and that is totally cool with me. Now I know there are a lot of people that will argue that choosing to have a baby early due to size is not a good idea and if I thought I could handle the last two weeks I would but I trust my doctors exclusively and they know way more about my medical conditions and what could or couldn't happen than I do. I've never once met a person who had a baby 2 weeks early (full term is technically 37 weeks) and had any problems or who have less than a perfectly normal baby. I'm really not worried at all. Well I guess I can't say "not at all" because I have so many weird medical issues, I worry that something could go wrong but I'd worry anyway no matter what. It's hard not being able to see and hold your baby and not know what's going on inside your body but I think that is something most moms worry about anyway. I'm just going to trust God and know that He's got this, we're good!

Speaking of medical issues, my oh so wonderful back and pelvis that have held up so well this entire time are starting to give out on me. At my babyshower last Saturday (which was awesome btw!) I started having the old familiar twinge in my right butt cheek. That spot right next to where your leg connects to your hip socket. Kind of hard to explain but sends pain into the center of the butt cheek and when my chiro fixes it, I always have to be on my stomach for her to get to it. Well, now I can't lie on my stomach on her table so she has to try to adjust me from the front and it just doesn't do the trick. So each night for the last 2 nights I have been barely able to walk at all, it's excruciating. Not only that spot but my entire pelvis and lower back just feel like they've been pummeled with a sledge hammer. During the day, my stomach muscles and ligaments right in front of my hips hurt so bad that walking is a major chore. Not fun...But nothing much I can do about it. It's what I've expected all along and I'm so amazed I've gone this long but I'm thankful that I am in the home stretch and if I can manage to stretch and exercise and not over do it, I think I can hold out. Well I have to lol. Ugh, but it isn't fun!

I guess that's all for now. All I can think about now is in 26 days I will be holding my little man finally!!! It't starting to feel so much more real! And I have to figure out how to get everything done!!

Praying for my fellow mama's out there, hope everyone is doing great! :-)

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