Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Where Have I Been?

So I've been going through and deleting old emails and see that I've gotten tons of comments on posts that I had no idea were there! So sorry guys, after the little munchkin arrived I totally slacked on posting and have basically ignored the whole blog since then lol. While I was in the midst of our TTC and pregnancy journey, I had all of 2 followers and never any comments but one here and there so I assumed that no one was even reading but maybe I should pick this thing back up! Will be giving some thought on transitioning to a lifestyle/weightloss/health blog :-)

So I guess I will give an update on our little corner of the world and for all the ones that commented and I missed, I'm so so sorry! I will keep you guys in my prayers and hopefully some of you (or all of you!) have gotten your BFP's by now! :-)

Little Man is now 10 months old! I still cannot believe that in less than 2 months he will be 1! This year has flown by, it feels like just yesterday I was crying my eyes out at the sight of his sweet newborn squishy face!
He is 21.6 pounds, not even sure how long he is but judging by his clothes size, he's almost the size of a 2 year old lol. He is now in 18-24 month clothes and pushing the limits on those! He is very tall for his age but that's expected since I am 6' tall and his daddy is 5'10" (he actually has some 7' tall cousins on his side!). He is definitely going to be bigger than his older brother who has always been about average on height and weight. I keep telling him, you better quit pestering your little brother because one of these days he might be bigger than you lol. But they are the sweetest together. Big brother is 8 1/2 years older than him and just adores him :-) We've had to curb some slight jealousy now and then since he's always been the baby but it hasn't been terrible. More than anything he worries about him a lot and wants to always make sure he's ok. Which just makes this mama's heart melt! Besides big brother C, he has 3 half siblings who just think he hung the moon. It's funny to watch them compete for who gets to take him to the car or carry him around the house lol.

So little C is not crawling, something I'm always worried about but his brother did not crawl either (scooted on his bottom forever!) and I'm thinking he's just gonna stick to rolling and then go straight to walking. I always say my children don't fit anyone's mold of "normal" in any area but they are always very bright and just sweet as pie so I know he will catch up in the physical areas where he is lacking. I'm constantly comparing him to friends' babies who were born the same month and are already walking (what!?!) but factoring in he is much taller than most babies his age, I'm assuming that is why mobility is a little tougher for him. He gets from point A to point B either by rolling or slowly scooting forward on his belly so he is at least moving. Big C did not walk until he was 18 months due to hypermobile joints and it looks like that will be little C's problem as well (you should see how floppy his little ankles and wrists are). But knowing what needs to be done (learning from big C's physical therapy at 18 months) we can hopefully have him walking not too long after he turns one. Other than that, he's a smily, crazy, goofy and very smart little boy who keeps us cracking up on the regular :-D.

As for plans for another baby, right now we are content with our two boys and their 3 halfsies. As much as I dream of a little girl, God may be saying we are done. I won't in any way complain though if He decides we need another but given the struggle we had conceiving little C and my health problems, we won't be actively trying again. But that's not to say God may have other plans and surprises for us but we will leave that up to Him for now :-)

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  1. That is wonderful! I am so happy to hear your little guy is doing great! I actually came across your post in a google search. It gave me so much hope!! I'm 14 dpo I have similar symptoms. I actually just started temping this month midway I had a huge drop at 9dpo then all rises a very large one immediately after. Then today I had a huge dip and assumed af is on way. Still possible. I had some cramping this morning after I temped thought it was anyways then I realized it wasn't cramps it felt like my stomach muscles were burning mildly.
    Thank you for your posts! I appreciate them very much :)