Thursday, August 30, 2012

7 weeks 5 days + head cold

Had my second ultrasound yesterday and man was that a relief! Our little bean actually caught up some which helped me breathe easier. Measuring 5 weeks at 5 weeks 5 days was really causing me concern but yesterday at 7 weeks 4 days, she/he was measuring at 7 weeks 2 days so only 2 days off! Woohoo! And we got to see the little heart flickering away at 154 bpm, after which my husband let out the breath he was holding. He was as relieved as I was.

So my nausea actually did start up shortly after my last post. I was worried it wouldn't and then bam, here with a vengeance! The good thing is I haven't actually tossed my cookies yet, just have a constant nausea that nags at me all day every day unless I am eating. With my son, I was puking all day every day and couldn't even keep crackers down. So this is not near as bad. It still sucks nonetheless. And on top of that, I knew yesterday I was starting to get sick with a head cold. You know that feeling that your head is just full of pressure and you just feel out of sorts? I always get that the day before I get sick and today of course I woke up with a full blown, can't breath, head pounding cold. UGH! I know my immune system is down some right now but if it's going to cause me to get sick it could at least stop attacking my feet and give me a break from this insane arthritis! Walking around with what feels like broken toes and ankles that won't bend on a bed of sharp rocks is really taking a toll on me. I have to wear the same pair of flip flops every day with every outfit and it sucks! So gonna keep praying that gets better like everyone says it will.

And I just want to say how happy I am for all the bloggers I follow who also got their bfp's this month! Hoping that's a good sign for all of us! I know I have not had any losses and they have so I hope that my fears and insecurities about this pregnancy don't come across as annoying. I can't imagine what they've all gone through and I hope I don't have to experience it but I know it's a possibility. But I am so very happy for them because they so deserve to have a healthy and happy pregnancy and a healthy newborn on the other end of this long journey they've been on. So my heart goes out to you guys and you are always in my prayers! God Bless :-)

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