Wednesday, August 1, 2012

10-11 DPO

Here we are on 10-11 dpo (not sure since FF says 11 but I'm thinking 10) and nothing much new to report. Besides being very irritable! Ha! Not new for me since starting this whole ttc ordeal. Hormones are not my friends! Ummm I have had some cramping every day since O, kind of full bloaty achy feeling in my lower abdomen. Trying not to read into that though. My feet still hurt like crazy. They aren't quite as swollen as they were so they are moving more but having stiff joints go from no movement to moving makes them hurt more. All the docs I see say pregnancy can make an autoimmune disorder go into remission so it'd be nice if this "less swollen" stuff means something! One very weird thing that's been happening (warning probably TMI) is I have orgasms in my strange! I remember having them a lot when I was pregnant with my son and since we've been ttc, I've had them twice. Usually in the two week wait but usually only once. So far I've had them two nights in a row. I know that it may not mean anything and probably doesn't since I've had them without being preggo but ya know, any little sign of hope helps! They are extremely painful and not fun, nothing like having one while awake. It's like I will start waking up as it's ending and it feels like severe cramps in my uterus and they last for a while after I'm awake. I'd like to say they are awesome but they are not, they are sooo painful! I'm just praying that if implantation has/is happening that it's not going to hurt anything. K and I are so careful during the tww and I've heard that IVF patients are advised not to have an orgasm during the tww to avoid dislodging or interrupting the implantation. But I hope that's just for them. But anyway, yeah, strange!

On other fronts, school is about to start and I am SO thrilled! I've had a house full of 5 children for most of the summer and it is really getting to me! My husband's oldest daughter (15) babysits the younger ones so she has to be at my house and watch them every day. On the weeks my husband is home we don't have them all as much but it still feels like they are living with me. Don't get me wrong, I love them all! But I could not imagine having 5 biological children in the same household (especially a small house like ours)! I don't have the patience for it at all! So schoolyear: hurry up and start! I need a break! Which brings us back to my irritability. I feel so guilty because I just have no patience and don't really like the kids right now. I love em but my fuse is very short and they are testing me to the uppermost limits, let me tell ya!

Anyways, my chart this month is weird. My temps started out flatlining at 97.7 for 4 days right after O, shot up for 2 days to 97.9-98.2, now are back down to 97.7. Weirdest chart I've had in a while. I'm thinking it has something to do with not being on clomid this cycle because that made my progesterone levels high during the luteal phase and even though I'm using progesterone cream right now, I'm wondering if my P levels just aren't that great right now. Which does not bode well for a successful pregnancy. Think I'll test early and if I get a miracle, will call my doc right away to get me on supplements.

Well that's all for today! Praying  praying praying for that miracle!

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