Tuesday, August 7, 2012

First Beta...Blog Transition

Soooo after getting my BFP yesterday morning, I had my first beta and progesterone yesterday afternoon. I'm a little disappointed in my beta number, it's only 136. Considering I was 16 dpo according to FF, that's not an amazing number. If I was really 15 dpo then it's better but there's no way to really tell now. My progesterone was 37 which is really good. But that Hcg number needs to double or triple by tomorrow so asking for prayers on that front.

On another note, I have been dealing with some terrible drama from my husbands ex-wife and it's taking a severe toll on my sanity. She claims I've hurt her son's feelings and am mean to him. I feel like she's being unfair and vindictive because all I've done is discipline the kid and he always runs home, tells half the story, and they get mad at me. It's rediculous and it's killing me because now she won't allow me near her daughter who is my husband's biological child (the boy is not). I love both of them but now because she and her mother are full of so much malice and hate an couldn't come to me like adults, just attacked me, on Facebook!!! How childish is that?!!! Anyway I've prayed about it and have been the one to apologize and they still refuse to respond so only God can take care of it now.

As for the blog, I'm thinking of transitioning from TTC to Pregnancy and changing it up a bit. So far I've gotten zero comments and only one follower so it seems my blog is not successful. I read it more than anyone else. Soo, I've got some research to do to find out what makes a blog tick. But anyway, that's all the news on this front.

Insomnia!!!! Woke up at 3:30 am and could not go back to sleep.
Not hungry, have to force myself to eat, nothing tastes good.
Boobs hurt
Stretching pains near pelvic bone
Tiny spotting yesterday and today, so tiny its hardly visible.
Increased heartrate
Achy muscles
Shortness of breath
Panic attack today (ugh, had these with my son, not fun!)

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  1. I will say some prayers for you. I think your numbers are good! Praying for a strong double for you tomorrow. I started following you today so now you have one more follower. Excited to share experiences with you! :)