Thursday, October 25, 2012

15 1/2 weeks

Yes, I've been a terrible blogger for a couple of weeks. I have felt zero desire to share anything for some reason but I guess there hasn't been alot going on. I'm super tired once again and wondering why the 2nd tri is not as amazing as everyone says it should be? But I'm weird and nothing that is normal for others is ever normal for me it seems..oh well lol. Like my crazy autoimmune stuff...gearing up for another awful flare. Yep, my rheumatologist told me she's never seen a pregnant woman NOT go into remission during pregnancy. She was certain my giant swollen toes and feet would go away. Well, they went away for about 3 weeks total and one of those weeks I was on prednisone for poison oak so that was probably why it was not active at that time. Now, it's creeping up again. Not only is this extremely painful and annoying (I can only wear flip flops for crying out loud! It's about to winter and I'll still be floppin! ugh!!!), I'm in complete fear that my immune system will start attacking the baby. It may be completely nonsense to feel this way but I can't help it. When I know my immune system is attacking place it should not, why would it not try to attack the foreign body growing in my womb? God I pray it won't! I go back to the perinatologist for our anatomy scan on Tuesday the 30th so we will find out pink or blue (YAY!!!) so I will bring it up with him then. Hopefully he can put my fears to rest. He's assured me they will follow me closely because autoimmune disorders can sometimes cause the growth to slow down towards the end of the pregnancy so they have to watch that (but what could they do about it? I dunno?). I know I'm in good hands but my insane emotions still get me sometimes.

Symptoms are the same really, slightly less nausea but tons of heartburn. Tired. Back has started giving me trouble and I knew it would at some point but I was hoping not this early. I went to the chiro two days ago and she fixed my SI joints and sacrum but yesterday I started hurting again and either my joints are so loosey  goosey now that they will slip right back out of place again or it's just time for the pain to start. It sucks, there's no other word for it. Sleep is difficult but I am so thankful my dear mom & dad bought me an amazing bed early in the year that adjusts so I can sit up to sleep. If I didn't have that I'd be in the recliner every night struggling to get comfortable. But we'll take it a day at a time and hopefully I won't need laproscopic surgery in the 3rd tri. That would be terrifying!

On other fronts, work is the same. My coworkers all know now and that is a huge relief because hiding it was getting difficult. I am as big at this point as I was at 6 months with my son. It's crazy. And my uterus is still very low and I can barely find it so I guess it's all innards being shifted around but I definitely cannot wear any of my regular pants anymore and finding maternity pants for my insanely long legs is so difficult so not sure what I'll do when it gets cold! I'll be a sight: capris and flip flops in cold weather. Yep, that should be fun. But, I'm so very thankful I'm here and if that's what I gotta do then so be it!

Guess that's all for now, hopefully I will be able to post again next week. Well of course I have to share the gender so look forward to that! I'm so excited! ...think pink..think pink.. lol ;-P but we will be happy either way :-)


  1. I have been missing that 2nd tri energy too. Where the heck is it?? I am also not sleeping well because my back hurts and I have to pee every 90 minutes. Not complaining though...I LOVE every minute of this! :o) Can't wait to hear about the gender! Do you have a feeling either way? I definitely do. It doesn't help that the tech gave us a guess at out 12 1/2 week u/s so that has skewed my guess a little. Keep up the good work! Almost 1/2 way there!!

  2. I totally missed your comment and feel so dumb for just now replying but thank you!! lol I am definitely looking for that energy! And same here, peeing constantly at night it is ridiculous! But definitely thankful for all of the aches and pains and peeing no matter how miserable I get! And we are having a little boy!!! YAY! At the time of this post I was 99% sure it would be a girl and so did everyone I know except for my mom lol she's always right dangit! But we are still super excited and now I'm feeling like I can really bond with him because I know he's my little boy. There's no way I could go the whole pregnancy like some folks and not know lol. Can't wait to find out what you are having!! :-)