Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Blogger Block & 13 weeks

Ever just feel like not blogging? That's been me for like a week. I just don't feel like it lol. But nonetheless I will be irritated with myself next week if I don't. I turned 13 weeks Saturday by my calcs, today by the doc's. Still battling nausea that I thought was going away. No such luck. I am miserable to say the least. And Mexican food is my sworn enemy. I've tried eating it twice in the last couple of weeks and both times I became so sick that all I could do was lay in bed and groan. So I will not be attempting that again!

We had our NT scan last week and my mom went with me because hubs was working. Everything looked great! I was sooo relieved! Bladder is normal, NT measurement normal, all is well so far! They will be retesting for the Anticardio Phospholipid Syndrome the first week of November when I go for the anatomy scan. 3-4 weeks feels like forever away! But we will get to find out pink or blue 2 weeks early so I'm super excited! The doc said they will continue to see me for the rest of the pregnancy regardless of the APS outcome just because I have an autoimmune disorder since it can sometimes cause issues with growth and some other stuff so they want to monitor closely in the 3rd trimester. Fine by me! More peeks at our little one!

So I'm breathing easier about everything and feel like God's got us covered on all bases. :-) I am not really showing much more than I was a week ago, sorta feel like my uterus is sitting way back this time. At this point with my son I could very easily feel it below my belly button but when I push around now I think I can feel the top of it but then again I can't tell cuz I got extra fluff. Oh well, guess she/he will make their presence known before too long. You could say I'm "showing" but only cuz I can't suck in anymore. Stupid fat. Hope I can get rid of it after!

Oh and I almost forgot! My poison oak hell is ending! Turns out I did not have cellulitis after all and the prednisone my derm gave me worked wonders. It also helped my arthritis which was an added bonus! I didn't take it like she asked me to (7 days on 40mg and 7 on 20mg) because that is just way too much steroid (a dose pack starts out at 30mg and reduces by 5mg a day for only 6 days!) so I took 40mg for 2 days and 20mg for 2 days and 10mg for 1 day. That seemed to be just enough and I am rejoicing! I still itch some but I think it's just the residual dryness causing that because the rash is pretty much completely gone. Yesss!!!

Guess that's all for now. I apparently had more to write about than I thought!

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