Thursday, November 15, 2012

18 wks...Still A Boy..Trying Not to Waddle

Well we are still having a boy. Not that I thought that would change! lol But having had our anatomy scan at 16 weeks everyone kept telling us "maybe it's a girl and it just wasn't finished developing" (I guess because they knew we were rooting for girl at first?). It's pretty funny really because we got our 18 week ultrasound at my normal OB yesterday (which wasn't supposed to happen but I have an amazing nurse who let me anyway!) and the first thing she said was "You know what it is right?" and of course we said "boy" and she said "OK no worries he's still a boy" wierd! Of course he is! So we reassured all our family and friends that of course, he is still in fact all boy. Wouldn't that have been so insane if he hadn't been!? Then I would have really started worrying that something was wrong! lol 

On other fronts, my morning sickness that was almost non-existant for 2 weeks has reappeared mysteriously. I actually got physically sick a couple of days ago which is the first actual vomiting I've had all pregnancy. I drank orange juice and apparently that was a big no no. I now have 3 burst blood vessels in the whites of my eyes which looks horrible. I have to keep assuring everyone I did not stab my eyeballs with anything, just threw up til I thought they were going to explode lol. Yeah, no more orange juice. My back is doing surprisingly well and my chiropractor is amazed that I'm not in more pain so that's awesome! However, I have developed "Pubic Symphisis Dysfunction". That's a fancy term for my hoo-ha bones are spreading already. Not sure why because usually that occurs right before delivery but apparently if you have pelvic girdle issues already then it is expected. It's not fun. I am not nearly big enough to need to waddle but I am. I'm trying very hard to walk straight but with the pain the PSD causes, I sometimes can't help it. Lol. It's not bad sitting, just standing. Guess I've got a long 3rd trimester coming up. But I don't mind, I am thankful for all of these aches and pains because the end result is worth it and more!

Well I guess that's all for now. Maybe one of these days I will post a belly pic. I'm one of those "please don't take my picture"people. But for the sake of remembering this pregnancy, I suppose I will at some point. Hope all my girls in blogger land are doing great. I think I will go check on them all and do some catching up on blog reading. 

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