Friday, November 2, 2012

So much grey??

Just a random thought but is it just me or are almost all of the baby boy clothes out right now grey?? I went to Carter's yesterday (I happen to work in an awesome place called the Boardwalk with tons of outlet stores!) and thought YAY! I'll buy some precious little boy clothes and try very hard not to wander over to the girl stuff lol. Well I picked up 2 or three outfits that I thought were super cute then realized every one of them were grey! Then looked around and almost every rack of clothing was mostly grey stuff! What the heck??! I mean there were a couple of blue, green and brown here and there but mostly grey. Then I glance over to the girl's side of the store and it looks like a rainbow threw up over there. What's the deal? I know grey is kinda trendy right now especially paired with lime green or baby blue but come on people?! Why is it that there are never as many cute boy clothes as there are girls? I thought the very same thing 8 years ago when shopping for my first son and nothing has changed. SMH....

1 comment:

  1. That does seem very strange! In NZ we have lots of blue, green and brown for boys but can't say I have seen much grey lately?
    It is most definitely true however that girls have much cuter clothes, but I think that's because they can wear skirts and dresses and have frills etc whereas a boy wouldn't have those options.

    Fingers crossed that you find some stuff so your baby too can look like a rainbows regurgitation. :)