Thursday, December 6, 2012

21 Weeks.. Sorry for being lazy!

I've been so lazy for the past couple of weeks so the blog has been on the back burner lol. Today I am 21 weeks and 5 days YAY!! I go for my next perinatal appt on Wed the 11th. Can't wait to see my little man again! Had a freak out episode today because I couldn't feel him move all morning. Usually he's very active and if I push him around he starts squirming but nothing was working. I was sure I was gonna have to go home and fire up the doppler. But after I ate some chocolate, he started moving again and I am so relieved! I can only think that maybe he was facing my back so I wasn't feeling the kicks so much but who knows. Just hope I don't have to go through that again!

My little boy (big brother) is having trouble in school, acting up and not wanting to do his work. His teacher is convinced it's because he feels like he's no longer going to be the baby. But I have seen no change in his behavior at home so I'm not convinced that's the issue. So guess it'll be a trip to the school and conference with the teacher and principal. Such fun! And of course I did ask him what he was having trouble with and if he was worried about the baby coming. His response was "I'm worried mamma that he's going to die". :-(  Like how in the world did he take on my fears? I am much less fearful of that now but I'm not sure how he came up with that. I don't recall ever saying to anyone that I was afraid the baby would die. If I've ever used any word it was 'miscarry' or 'lose' but not within earshot of him so I don't know if that's something he's really worried about on his own or what. It wouldn't surprise me since he's my child, get's it honest. But I assured him the baby was absolutely fine and he was going to love being a big brother. He then launched into a detailed explanation of how to change diapers to assure me that he knows how and will be able to do that. LOL He's such a mess and I'm so lucky to have such a caring kid. He's been easy from day 1, I wonder if this little guy is gonna be a handful!

Oh, almost forgot. I finally got my results back on the blood clotting disorder (APS) that they were testing me on and it came back negative for positive anticardiolipid levels..YAY! But I do have another form of clotting disorder called MTHFR. (yeah, I know you're thinking what I'm thinking, that looks like the abbreviation for....) It's a gene mutation that causes the body to not process folic acid as well as it should which in turn can cause clots. Not sure how all that works but of course I had to consult the good ole' internet wizard. There are apparently two types: Homozygous and Heterozygous and the bad one is Homozygous and requires levenox. Hoping that mine is the better one since he said all I need is baby aspirin which I've been on all along anyway. I will ask more details at my appt of course just cause I have to know exactly what type it is and all that but hopefully all will be well.

Guess that's all for today. Hopefully I can keep up blogging through the holidays if I don't get too bogged down with work and stuff!

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