Friday, December 14, 2012

22 Weeks & Perinatal appt

Can't believe I'm sneaking up on the 6 month mark! I will be 23 weeks tomorrow! Saw the perinatologist on Tuesday and got great looks great and I only need baby aspirin for the MTHFR gene mutation thing. Apparently it's worse if you have high homocystiene levels with it (whatever that is) and I don't so yay!! One thing they did notice is he's measuring a whole 2 WEEKS ahead!! He weighs 1 lb. and 8 oz. which is where he should be at 25 weeks. Their only concern is gestational diabetes since larger babies coincide with that condition. I will be tested for that on Monday the 17th. Praying that comes out fine...Christmas is the worst time of year to have to stop eating sugar!! Especially for me!! UGH but I will definitely do what the doctor says because my babies life depends on it! I can wait a few months for some sugar cookies...

Wondering when's the best time to start registering for stuff. My shower will be in Feb so I guess I can do it in Jan. So looking forward to getting new stuff! Of course I know like 3 people who recently had boys in the last year so I'm getting tons of hand me downs!! I don't think we will have to buy much at all which is a huge relief. I know you usually don't get a shower for your second baby but around here we tend to ignore that rule lol. Plus it's been 8 years since my first so it's like starting all over again!

I am getting huge now, starting to really feel like a waddling mama. Approaching the time when my back stuff will be at its worst. Really praying that I don't have as much trouble as I'm expecting. I have done much better than anticipated up to this point so maybe that's a good sign. My chiropractor is a life saver and as long as I see her each week I do pretty good. much going on in there! On my ultrasound Tues, the tech said he is head down. Which is the opposite of what I thought because all the "kicking" seems to go on close to the bottom of my stomach which is where his head is. Guess he's got more strength in those tiny hands than I thought! I don't feel much up top, just the occasional thump. But he's definitely busy and I'm loving it! Just waiting for when my husband can finally feel him on the outside. I can every now and then if I'm resting my hand on my belly but it seems impossible to get him to kick for daddy.

Guess that's all, getting ready for a busy Christmas but looking forward to every minute. This is by far my favorite time of year! Wishing everybody a safe and happy Christmas and New Year! And of course, remember the reason for the season :-) God Bless!

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