Monday, April 27, 2015

6-8 dpo Triphasic??

This has been an odd cycle and I'm hoping that's a good thing! I usually ovulate on Cd 14 but have had a late one on Cd 20, never and early one. Well, this time I O'd on CD 10! How odd?! But despite that being weird, it may work in our favor. I think I mentioned in the last post that our schedule has been way off with the late O a couple months ago and now thanks to this early O, we are back on track! K left for work last Friday so our timing on the night before (CD7) would've been pointless if I were to O on the normal day 14. BUT on Saturday I started getting positive OPKs (thought this is strange!) and they continued until Monday morning. Sunday (O day) I know exactly when I must have released the eggy because around 9-10 pm I got the worst cramps and pressure in my ovaries. I don't usually feel ovulation, just notice the ewcm and when heartburn starts a day after. I knew it had to be O with the cramps and the positive OPKs! Had another + the next morning (but I hear it's not always good to do an OPK in the am) and negative that afternoon.

I decided to start progesterone cream this cycle because looking back at my cycle with my youngest, that was the one month I did prog too and I think it has to help because I tend to have low post O temps which usually indicates low P (and that was an issue last time we TTCd as well, had to be on prometrium for first trimester. I am also taking food derived prenatals, vitamin D3, magnesium, and Vitex (this is supposed to also help progesterone and LP length).
Fast forward to my post O temping (for those unfamiliar with this term, temping is using a BBT thermometer to track temps throughout the cycle to pinpoint ovulation and possible pregnancy)...first few days my temps are the usual after O, 97.3 to 97.5 until I hit 6 Dpo, then it jumped to 97.7! 8 Dpo and 9 Dpo (today) it has been 97.9! This feels like a triphasic pattern but I'm not getting my hopes up too high because it could just be attributed to the progesterone cream. But I hope it's better than that!!😊

I am expecting AF to show up on CD 12 If my Lp stays the same as it was last month. But given this temp shift so early, I may test on CD 10! I hate to do that and then be disappointed but the sooner I find out the better so I can get in to my Ob early to start betas, progesterone testing, and get on my  methylfolate for the MTHFR and prometrium. Guess I should be on the folate already so I may go ahead and order some anyway. I have folic acid in the prenatals I take but due to the MTHfR, my body ignores or can't process it.

Well, I will keep temping and post to update soon! Praying this is it because I'm not sure if we will be trying as fervently as last time (stress and uncertainty about this even being a good idea are really getting to me!)

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