Sunday, April 12, 2015

CD4...On to April

Ugh...the "luck 'o the irish" was not with me in March so we are on to April! Having a hard time figuring out how our schedules will work out this month because AF decided to show up 2 days early, further confirming my suspicion that my LP progesterone levels are not so great. From the few cycles I've followed in the last 6 months, it looks like even though I thought I was ovulating like clockwork on CD14 with a 14 day LP (textbook 28 day cycle) that is apparently not the case..2 cycles ago, I O'd on CD21 and had an 11 day LP. Last cycle I O'd closer to day 14 but still with an 10-11 day LP. I'm assuming my LP is now consistently 11 days (since between O and LP, usually LP is more likely to be consistent). SOOoooooo, how do I get back on track? If this month is like last month, my O date will fall somewhere around the Wednesday during my hub's work week..same EXACT problem we had last time we TTC. (He works in another state, 7 days on, 7 days home) I was so sure that this time around we'd only have to try for a month or two since it seemed like my cycles were normal,  I know I'm O'ing on my own, and schedules were looking great..thanks again mother nature for throwing a monkey wrench in things :-(

After looking back out our BFP cycle in 2013, I forgot that I had been using progesterone cream that month. It gave me such awful headaches that I swore to leave it alone and just stick with what my ob gave me but I completely did not even realize that the only month I used it was the month we conceived little man! So looks like I need to get back on that awful stuff and get the progesterone to going again. I'm also going to pick up some V.itex (chasteberry) and hopefully between the two, my O date will get right and my LP will lengthen out. That would put our schedule back on track! But, despite all my well laid plans, I know that all of this is in God's hands. And like last time, He's probably going to surprise me when I feel like I've failed! Sure hope so! Just praying we don't spin our wheels for 8 months trying to get scheduling to work out..

So ladies, if any of you have had similar issues, what did you do? Any natural supplements help? I'm determined not to go the medical route this time (C.lomid and all that) and let it happen naturally. I know God's timing is perfect and all my manipulations of hormones and whatnot could all be for naught, the control freak in me is hard to silence! lol Anywho, here we go, round 2!

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