Monday, April 16, 2012

12 dpo

Hello again! So sorry for not posting for so long, it's been a hectic month! I am now 12 dpo (I think) since I ovulated later than I thought. Looks like either AF is about to show up or today is implantation day! That would be so amazing! The reason why I say that, I had some blood tinged CM at lunch but nothing more than that. If there's none tomorrow then I'll be assuming that was IB. Soooo, I've been testing every day since 9 dpo and still nothing, not even the faintest of lines :-(

On other fronts, summer is ramping up her in the south. I know, it's still April, but we start early down here. The storms come in and they are really makin the rounds this month. So looks like we've got a rough summer ahead! Hope everyone's ready for it! I'm sure I'll be bit by the spring cleaning bug soon, which my dear husband just loves because he gets a ton of "honey-do's"!

That's all for today. Hopefully I will have great news tomorrow...we shall see!

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