Friday, April 20, 2012

On to Round Two..

Today I am on CD 4 and doing another Clomid round. My doc prescribed 50mg again but I am choosing to split them for 25 mg since last month was so awful (had MAJOR pain and bloating during O so I think I overstimulated). Also switched to days 3-7 instead of 5-9, hoping I will O sooner and not miss the egg!! Fingers crossed and prayers going up that this is our month!

Soooo, got some news yesterday, crazy news! My little sister is preggo! Now here's the kicker...she just had her second baby 2 months ago! How the heck did that happen?! She has PCOS as well, on BC, and breast feeding at the same time. What are the odds?? Well, I could choose to be sad or jealous or go into a pity party of how unfair it is that I'm not the one with preggo news..buuuut...I'm not gonna do that. I know that's not what God would want of me. And amazingly enough, while I did cry and call my best friend for some encouragement, I find that I am really very excited! I worry about her of course having just given birth, this pregnancy might be much harder on her since her body hasn't had time to recover fully...and the fact that she will have a 10 month old and newborn at the same time! And when she told me, she had just heard from my mom that we were TTC (I wasn't talking about it much since most responses are "what?! Are you crazy?!) and she told me not to give up, that I had to get pregnant this month. And I'm thinking, why would she say that? Then, she announced she is due on Christmas Day! Wow...speechless. What's even crazier, if I had been successful in March, I would also be due on Christmas. So weird! But here we are, a new niece/nephew on the way, DH and I still chugging along hoping for that miracle. We're gonna get there, I know it. it's Friday, it's storming (which I LOOOVE, i know weird), and my hubby comes home tonight. For this day, I will choose to accept God's will and I know that while I'm disappointed that we haven't been blessed with a baby yet, His timing is perfect and I will wait on Him. :-) God Bless

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