Saturday, May 12, 2012

12 DPO temp still going up

Today should be 13 dpo and I should have AF today according to FF but if my calculations are right it's only 12 dpo. Strange things going on with me today, my temp is still high, cervix still high, no AF symptoms whatsoever. Sort of getting my hopes up but not too much because I wanna be prepared for another letdown! My chart is triphasic which I've heard is good but not a definite indicator so if I start spotting this afternoon I will know AF is here. My LP is usually 12 days long (according to FF, not counting O day and AF start day) and I usually start spotting the evening before AF shows up so just waiting. I am going to buy a Hpt today and hopefully get to use it tomorrow! Took one on 9 dpo that was negative of course. With my son, I didn't know I was pregnant until I was already 8 weeks so my first test I took was at the 8 week mark. So I have no clue how early Hcg will show up if I'm pg.

Going to take photos today of a good friend and her bf. Hope that keeps my mind off obsessing for a little while. It's also very rainy so I hope it clears up by this afternoon. Any other day I looove rain but I wanna get this photo shoot done today. Mostly so I can go back to being lazy lol. I've been sooo lazy this last week, I have no energy to do anything and don't want any at this point. I don't know why. I went to see a counselor on Thurs so I've taken the first step in getting some sort of treatment for my anxiety. It was a really rough evening having to dredge up the past so that night I didn't sleep well and I was bummed out all yesterday just because once I bring something back to the surface it's hart to push it back down again and not think about the pain. 
Anyway, I guess I better run and start getting ready for the photo shoot and put my brain back into some pattern of normalcy for the day so I can get this done! 

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