Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Waiting to O

Well it's Tuesday. Only 2.5 days until hubby leaves for work again and our last chance to "try" before I ovulate. According to FF, I will O on next Monday but I think it will be earlier. Mainly because I took clomid earlier and last month I O'd on day 13 so I'm praying for cd12 this time! Which would give the "little guys" 2 days to get there and be ready for the egg. Oh the agony of waiting once again.

My back is killing me. There's this burning pain to the left of my spine in a huge spot just over my left SI joint. It's like someone put a hot iron directly under my skin and it just flares up whenever and always unexpectedly. I hate it! My left hip is out again. I don't think I shared my bad back episode from last weekend. On the Sunday before my period started, I cleaned my mom's house for mother's day. Well I did some cleaning but it was cut short by my inability to move. Knowing what was coming next, I cried and tried my best to move and keep moving so I wouldn't get stove up. Well, that didnt work. I spent the rest of the night in agonizing pain that I could do nothing about. I had no pain meds, no nothing. Needless to say, Monday morning I headed off to the Dr to get a steroid shot. That's the only relief once I get to that point. But since my period had not shown up, I refused the shot just in case and they gave me an Rx for pain meds. I hate pain meds. They make me sick and give me a headache. But I couldn't risk imposing risk on a baby if there was one (which of course there WAS NOT). So I headed to my chiropractor the same day and she worked wonders! As soon as I got off the table I could put weight on my left leg and walk straight without waddling and leaning. So what's happening is, my left SI joint, being slightly damaged over the years and from giving birth to my son, tends to slip out of place every now and then. Sometimes it's just a dull ache and I only know it's out because I can't take even strides and tend to waddle slightly. Other times it's like all hell broke loose on my entire left side and moving, sitting, standing, laying down are all excruciating positions. It sucks! And for all these years I assumed it was my disc re-rupturing and causing all the pain when it was really my SI joint that was the culprit. Great...one more thing to have surgically repaired and worry about when I'm pregnant. Oh joy! Well, I know what I'm up against. I'm afraid, of course. I know that ligaments loosen and everything starts hurting more during pregnancy. So I'm not looking forward to that part of it but when and if I get my BFP, I know it will be worth all the pain in the world on the other end of that 9 months!

Sorry for the boring post but that is what today is. Boring. Like most days. So it wouldn't surprise me at all if no one reads these things but oh well. It's my therapy.

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