Tuesday, June 5, 2012

7-8 dpo and Restless

This TWW thing is getting old! At some point you get tired of analyzing symptoms and scouring the internet for others who got BFP's and have your exact symptoms. I know I've reached that point. I woke up today sick with a cold, throat is killing me and I'm exhausted. Wait, I've heard cold symptoms could be a sign! ugh, I'm even annoying myself now! lol
But that's where I am...discouraged, tired, fed up...why am I so negative lately? I guess it's God's way of saying "See where you get when you rely on your plans and your timing?"...nowhere. I am used to getting things done the way I want them done and when I want them done so maybe this is Him teaching me a much needed lesson. Well, like a disobedient child, being taught a lesson is usually not fun!

Nonetheless, we'll keep on chuggin along and facing every obstacle as we come to it. Here's my symptoms so far:

1dpo: nothing, just lots of pain from O
2-5dpo: heartburn, backache
6dpo: fatigue, heartburn, feeling down
7dpo: fatigue, feeling down, stressed out
8dpo: sick with sore throat/cold, headache, nausea (not sure what from), fatigue, feeling down

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