Thursday, June 7, 2012

9-10 dpo..To Test or Not to Test?

Getting closer and closer to AF day but not close enough! Just watched a youtube vid of a new mom w/PCOS who got her BFP yesterday at 10dpo. Watched one yesterday of a BFP on 11 dpo. Wondering if I should test tomorrow? I'm still unsure of my O date since FF says it was one day later than I thought it was but my OPK strips didn't work well for me this time. I don't know if the one I though was positive really was or if I missed the surge so I'm sticking with what my gut says which makes today 10dpo. Probably hopeful thinking but with not much hope to be had around here, I'll take it!

Another boring day at work by myself working extra hours with no work to do. Sooo I'm just trying to fill up the hours until quittin time. I soo need a vacation! Not sure where to go though. Was thinking Memphis which is not too far away, or Missouri or Gulfport. Not sure if I want to hang out in the mountains or on the beach. Tough decision! One way or another, gotta go somewhere before I go stir crazy!

Anyhoo, not much to say. Still playin the waiting game.

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