Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Clomid free month

I am on CD 7 of my "clomid break" and I have to say there are some changes. For the last three months on clomid, I've had 0 cm, like it was nonexistent. When before clomid, I could always count on it to let me know when I was nearing O or past it. So far in the last 5 days since my period ended, I have had a whole lot of it. Nothing eggy yet but the fact that there's cm gives me hope that this month we won't have the no ewcm problem we've been having! Other than that, I've had alot of ovarian pain but everything else is pretty hunky dory. I'm not moody, I'm freaking out over little stuff waaay less and I just feel better in general. Not sure what the ovary pain is about and I can't really remember having it this far away from O date but maybe I'm going to O sooner? That's been my prayer this cycle, I HAVE to O sooner for us to catch the egg since my husband works out of town every other week. My doc confirmed that clomid can sometimes delay ovulation and this has been the case with me. I've also heard of those that have long cycles and O very late can O earlier in their cycle with clomid. This is the opposite with me. Before clomid, I was O'ing around cd10 or 11 and after clomid it's gone out to as far as cd19 and cd14 at the earliest. It has also lengthened my LP from 12 days to 15 days. Another problem since that pushes O back too for the following cycle. Sooooo our hopes are that this month without clomid, I will O a bit sooner and have a slightly shorter LP. If we can achieve that, we can at least know that next month we will be a day or two closer to Oing while he is still home.

Our next cycle is to be with clomid, estradiol, and procheive (progesterone suppositories). He gave me a schedule to go by that sort of goes like this: Clomid days 3-7, Estradiol days 8-9, Procheive days 10-either BFN or if BFP to 10 weeks gestation. Since low progesterone has been my issue in the past, the procheive ensures that the progesterone stays high enough to support the pregnancy through the first trimester. The Estradiol is supposed to help with the uterine lining since clomid is notorious for thinning it out too much. If we are still not preggo by then, we will go to IUI. An IUI without a trigger. That's what I'm worried about. If there's no trigger then it's very hard to know exactly when I'll ovulate so I'm kindof aggravated that he won't trigger. His explanation was in the obgyn world, if you use one injectible you have to use them all and his office doesn't do any type of injectibles since they are not fertility specialists or RE's. They also do not monitor anything which is another thing that worries me. But oh well, he's all I've got and all I can afford. To get in with the only RE in town, I would have to get on a 6 month waiting list and my insurance would not pay a dime for any of it. I want to get pregnant but I just don't have the funds to go down the RE road to get there. So faith and prayer and a little help from my obgyn is all I have. Let's hope it's enough! If it's not, then apparently it's not God's will for us to have a baby right now and while that saddens me to think of, He knows best and has a reason that I may or may not ever know.

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