Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Unwelcome Birthday Gift

So today's my bday, oh joy..#28. Creeping up on 30, hard to believe! And as a gift, the witch showed up! Happy Birthday to me..
I kept thinking yesterday I should have started then but got my hopes up and thought wouldn't it be awesome to get a BFP for my birthday? No such luck, of course!

So on to another cycle. This time my obgyn wants to do a "procheive" cycle and I'm not sure what that means. I know prochieve is a progesterone suppository but I don't know how it is to be used to help conception. Not sure if I want to do clomid again. Since my cycles keep getting longer and longer, delaying ovulation and lengthening my LP, my chances of catching the egg are getting slimmer each cycle. I can't keep going like this or it won't happen. I'm going to ask the nurse when she calls me back about not doing clomid this time and just using procheive to see if maybe I O sooner and my LP goes back to some kind of normalcy. If I could O at least on day 13 or 14 instead of day 15 or 16, within 3 months it would fall before DH leaves for work. So's the's really not easy trying to make mother nature cooperate with our timing! Maybe God's telling me to stop trying and just wait. I'm not good at waiting. The more I wait the more hopeless it all seems!

Oh well, nothing to do but hurry up and wait! In the meantime, I will take today as an opportunity to have a giant Mocha Frappe with tons of caffiene and enjoy some cake.

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