Monday, June 25, 2012

Either 1 dpo or 4 dpo..CD13

Oh this clomid free month is really confusing me! I usually have pretty clear ovulation temps with Fertility Friend but not so much this round. Pinpointing ovulation has become so difficult with clomid. Well I guess it would be difficult without it as well since I have PCOS and don't O regularly on my own.

Here's my chart:

My Ovulation Chart

See the two day temp dip on CD9 and 10? On those two days my cervix was high, soft, and open. I didn't have much cm but since being on clomid I never do anymore. I had a lot earlier in this cycle but it seems to come and go and is very unpredictable. I did OPK's but I'm terrible at doing them consistently and twice a day so every one I've taken has been negative. I had some twingy pains on the evening of CD10 but nothing major. Then yesterday I had tons of pain, like my ovaries felt huge and swollen. Sitting down too hard was excruciating! Today, not so bad but still achey. SOOOO, by my calculations and past experience, I think I O'd Friday or Saturday at the latest. If that's true then WOOHOO! This could be our month! Hubby left Friday for work so that would make our timing perfect! If nothing else, it may have shortened my cycle back to where it used to be and we'll be on schedule next month to O before he leaves. That was my goal of taking a month off. I've GOT to get O to happen before he leaves! It doesn't help that he's always leaving for the night shift so we have to bd early in the morning which doesn't always work out well. He's sleepy and too tired to care, I'm rushing to get to work...all that makes for not so promising bd'ing.

Ever feel like this whole TTC thing is too much, too complicating, too stressful, just plain crazy!? I guess it wouldn't be so bad if my husband didn't work 5 1/2 hours away from home every other week. If that weren't a factor I'm sure we would be preggo by now. Crazy how life works out like that. The first month we get clearance to start trying he gets sent out of state to work. UGH it's so tiring and frustrating! Sorry to vent so much but I've just reached that point.

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