Friday, June 1, 2012

Very sad day

Well, we found out yesterday that my little sister is losing her baby. No reason why but I feel like maybe her body just wasn't ready to carry another one so soon after giving birth. But it's still so very heartbreaking. I can't imagine being in her shoes and dealing with that kind of pain. I hope I never have to. So if you pray, please pray for her and her husband as they go through this.

As far as my own issues go, ovulated on Tues according to my FF chart which really really sucks! I was hoping it was Monday but my temp shift indicates Tues so that means we are out again this month. I'm so done with this frustration. I'm trying my best to just not care. It's not gonna happen apparently. Yes, today I'm a glass half empty kinda person. Usually I'm more optimistic but after so much disappointment over and over and over again, I'm not feeling any hope.

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