Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Another unmedicated cycle..

So we made the decision to take another month off from meds. Is it a wise decision? I don't know yet but I know that paying $275 for crinone (alternate to prochieve which was discontinued) will not guarantee a baby. The main reason being- k will not be home the week ff says I will ovulate. But of course I've only said that a million times lately! It's really hard right now for us. We don't see any way to make o sooner without throwing my cycle off completely by going on bc for a month which could put us back at square one w all my hormone issues so that's a risk we don't wanna take until we have to. We will see how this cycle goes. I may or may not ovulate on my own. I might try the vitex chaste berry just to have something working on my ovaries.

So that's where we're at. If I can come up with the money next month we'll try the prochieve but I think that's the extent of how far I will go with treatments. I know an IUI will probably be very expensive and who knows if the timing will ever work out. So we're sort of a special case in this ttc journey. We're doing all we can but the scheduling just won't seem to work. All I can really do now is pray my hubby's rig moves back to this state sometime in the near future. Then we might be cookin with fire but until then, we're just spinning our wheels.

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