Monday, July 16, 2012

CD 7 and Diet

Once again waiting on ovulation but I know I'm still days away. I've been doing some research to find out what foods are good for fertility. I have to admit, my diet is awful. Last year I lost near 30 lbs. on phentermine (a type of amphetamine prescribed by my dr. for weight loss) but of course gained it all back after getting off of the medication. It was too easy, I was never hungry so losing weight wasn't a problem. But I cannot go back on that medication and do not want to because, well, it doesn't do any good to lose then gain back. I think I have tried everything including weight watchers (which was great but could not keep up with meetings) and I cannot seem to find a good way to really change my eating habits and my eating lifestyle. I can't get up the will power and stress over ttc is not helping at all.

My biggest problem: sugar. I crave it day and night like a drug addict. And really, that's what it has become, an addiction. I honestly don't eat a whole lot of regular food, my meals are modest and I usually get full pretty fast. But when it comes to sweets, I will eat them like crazy. And I don't know how to stop! Now, I DO NOT sit around all day stuffing candy bars and twinkies in my face. I don't even keep things like that in my house at all. I'm more of a sweet tea, pie for desert, cereal before bed type person. I can manage myself ok for most of the day (except for lunch when I will have a Dr. Pepper) but at night, that's when it gets ugly. We may have a modest supper, lean meat, veggie and a starch. But I usually have sweet tea (more than one glass) and crave some sort of sweet after dinner. Which always leads to sugary cereal before bed. It's become a habit, and a very very bad one! I have no idea how to get off of the sugar craving roller coaster and I know that it's affecting my ability to conceive. If anyone has any pointers, please leave me some comments! I'm desperate guys!

As for the research I did, it was all the usual "eat whole grains, colorful veggies, stay away from caffeine, nuts, healthy oils, etc.". So I know what I'm supposed to eat, how do I get my body to like those things? While I don't eat a whole lot in general, comfort foods are what we cook around my house. I'm southern and grew up on mammaw's spaghetti and cornbread, beef stew, porkchops with rice and gravy, that kind of thing. Which aren't so great in the "low carb" and "low calorie" department. I do eat veggies like spinach, peas, squash, etc. But not nearly enough of them. There are just alot of veggies that I can't stomach. Especially all the fancy veggies that I can't even pronounce that I see on TV every day when there's a cooking show on preparing some gourmet meal. Well, guess I will just have to eat more of the ones I do like.

So here's to healthier eating and some exercise. I'm going to try to incorporate this into my ttc regimen. I should have a long time ago. It's just so freaking hard!!!

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