Monday, July 2, 2012

8 dpo - camping, drama, symptoms

Here I am yet again in the 2ww and ready for it to be over! One way or another! I have almost no symptoms, temps are high w/a dip yesterday (Implantation? probably wishful thinking) and the days are just dragging on. Went camping over the weekend with my family and my aunt & uncle which was pretty nice. It would have been much nicer if my husband's ever needy ex-wife had not decided to ream him out on Friday and basically call him a deadbeat dad (if you knew the things we do for that woman and those kids, you would know that deadbeat is not possible) and that put a damper on things for me. Now I'm doing everything I can for this woman who seems to take advantage of us at every opportunity she can just to appease her for a while. I don't need drama. My brain cannot handle drama anymore. I thought we were through with the psychotic version of her 6 years ago! We've even been friends, or so I thought. Well hard times for her and her husband being put in jail for punching his teenage daughter have left her alone and having to work like normal people and pay for daycare like everyone else and pay rent and everything else just like we all have to do. And she doesn't like it. So we're the easiest to beat on and place blame on. Give me a break. AHHHHH, sorry for the rant! It's been one long weekend and I still have the headache.

So, trying to symptom spot has gotten me nowhere this 2ww. The only out of the ordinary stuff I have going on is I've been really hot and having lots of hot flashes but I've also started using progesterone cream so that may be the reason for that. No breast pain whatsoever. Except for the muscle pain under my armpits from falling in the river yesterday and having to drag myself back onto the dock. That was pretty funny but not very fun at the time! I have a headache like nobody's business that I went to bed with last night and woke up with this morning. Nearly zero cramping. Some creamy cm over the weekend but it's gone back to being sticky. Ummm what else...guess that's it. I've heard some folks say they had no symptoms in the 2ww when they got their bfp so I'm hoping against hope that is the case for me. I won't test until at least 12dpo so the next four days will be torture lol.

Did I mention that I've downloaded one of those pregnancy apps that tells you where your baby is at every stage? Yep, I know I'm weird but I like pretending that I really do have a little blastocyst in there with cells rapidly dividing and avoiding tuna and caffeine as if I have a reason to. I do it every month and am disappointed every month when I have to reset the due date to what it will be if I catch the egg next month. But oh well, it's something to do to pass the time and dream.

Hope you all are having a happy 4th of July week. It's gonna be a long one here!

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